Third Eye Co. and Magic Miners is created by artists Tay and Johnny, from a mountain hideaway in Big Bear Lake, California. Traveling, snowboarding, camping, and rockhounding gems for handcrafted, wearable magic.

     In 2011, what started as necessity for an outlet of creativity and to fund a snowboard trip by making neck pouches and feather earrings, quickly evolved to diving headfirst without looking back. The love of geology has always been there, but after a stressful move, it became the most comforting way to dissolve worry. Which lead to the ever changing and growing manifestation of Third Eye Co. and Magic Miners in 2013. Prospecting gems has become like a sixth sense ( or maybe it has been there all along ), a way to tap into instincts and connect to raw source energy.

     Our motto is "live free see truth" because we weren't born into this world to fit into a controlled system. We want to connect with the deep thinkers and conscious minded. Designed, created, printed , and made from the Third Eye Co. lair....Every stone comes from adventure, ethically pure so each piece has a story. Inspired by raw nature, antiquity, the unknown, family heritage and our highest selves, we thank you for meeting us on this adventure.